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RME Initial Medical Group LTD.

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Care and Support Staff

We are able to offer a Staffing package to various different workplace environment on a Ad Hoc basis. All our staff are experienced and hold a nationally recognised qualification in health and social care such as an NVQ. They must also complete the relevant standard checks and attend regular CPD training in order to keep their knowledge up to date.

  • Carers
  • Medical Staff
  • Drivers
  • Hospital Staff
  • Administration and Support roles
  • Phlebotomists

Event, Nightclub & Festival Staff

We can assist you in providing a bespoke staffing package.

Our team services can be arranged in way of services required;

  • Child Welfare
  • Administration and Operational Deployment
  • Stewards

Clinical Oncall Service

This is our newest service option available where we work with Nursing Homes and Clinical Staff to provide over night, Weekend and "holiday" support to members of the clinical team. 

This may be offering support with having a number of poorly patients or residents in the house at one time and completing clinical tasks and record keeping to assisting the team with using the appropriate pathway to access the correct treatment process when management and social support are not available.

Recruiter Profile

We can offer a specialised Healthcare recruitment service. Advertising & Finding your new team by understanding your needs from experiance.

This can be offered to companies & individuals wishing to direct their own care.

We can access CV Finders, create a short list for you to select candidates to progress to the next stage. Interview Panel with specialists in a selected field to interview & DBS completion. Once a decision has been made we can offer a wealth dynamics (personality selection) session for your top 2 candidates and ... 2 probationary period meeting to make sure everyone is happy. We won't stop until you are 100% comfortable.