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RME Initial Medical Group LTD.

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Medical and Non Medical Teams

At Initial we have a team that are experienced in the Pre Hospital care sector, with skills and knowledge from dealing with incidents first hand. 

  • We are able to provide you with the most up to date practices

  • We are Professional and affordable.

  • We have passion and care for our patient's.

  • We are adaptable and will create a team which will work around the knowledge of your event.

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To enquire about Medical cover at your event and for a FREE consultation about your legal requirements for medical cover as an event organizer please Call;

0843 886 2410 or [email protected]

All Quotes will be based on the information given on this form, Quotes are subject to change after we have completed a site risk assessment. For all Quotations we use the "Purple Event Guide" to ensure we are going to provide you with an adequate legal level of Medical Provision.

We offer competitive rates as we understand what it is like to have to work on a budget, we are able to offer a package to suit you as well as falling in line with health and safety guidance.

Along with staff we are able to provide; Roaming Response units (Car, Ambulance, Bicycle, Static Response units (Ambulance, Marque).

Are you a charity? No Problem... we offer up to 50% discount.

  • Community spirit is what brings everyone together;

we would like to be a part of that in keeping you safe too.

• We can provide CPR workshops and Demonstrations to add to any attraction.

• Staff which have got additional knowledge and qualifications to be able to work within Festival Scenes.

• We can work within a separate treatment room as well as out in the field, with minimal disruption to any event.

•Working with a team who are aware of their surroundings is something which is very important particularly when it comes to working around animals too. Our Medics will be matched with events which are suitable for their knowledge and experience.