Registered in England: Co. 9628423 

RME Initial Medical Group LTD.

0843 886 2410

We aim to provide an affordable service to you and your family.

From past experience and research we have found that most clients are having to fit their social needs and help around the company providing it, this is not making your life easy so we will work around you and your standards. All of our team members are matched to suit your lifestyle and personality.

Our minimum service time is 1 hour as we believe it is important to spend time and share interest with clients.

Prices start at just £10 

All staff have updated DBS checks

BACS payment, so no worries about handling Cash or Cheques.

Friendly, Relieable, Social Service, putting your needs before others.

Tele-care Service

A daily phone call can make a BIG difference for many people who are alone or have confusion. We understand that it can be difficult for family members to know that their loved one is suffering and that you can't always be with them every day, so aim to provide a little relief when it comes to making sure everyone is ok.

We can call for a little "catch up", make sure they have had a drink and a meal & remind them to take their medicine. 

Prices start at £25 per week for one call EVERYDAY!

Home from Hospital Service

A short term planned service designed to help you settle in after returning home from hospital. Our Support team can provide assistance to ensure you can live independently within 4 weeks or assess needs to help find the appropriate package of care with a domiciliary company .

  • Planning discharge from hospital and transport home
  • Preparation of the residence prior to arrival
  • Shopping and laundry
  • Reporting to the re-ablement team and Occupational Therapy
  • Encouragement and support in restoring confidence to live independently at home and in the community
  • Support as required and refering to relevant teams to prevent readmission

Emergency Call out

Hourly and Overnight Assistance.

We understand that a sudden decline in someones care needs may arise. Once we have established weather this is due to a medical reasonrequiring treatment by a medical professional we can come out to provide support until something more permanant is found.  

We can not provide Personal care so these calls are only to ensure a patients safety, health and wellbeing is being maintained.

Emergency call outs are for urgent support until a long term solution is found. This incur's a call out fee as well as a service charge, and can only be accessed for 24 hours at a time.

Daytime - Night time Care

By day or night, either for Confidence and comfort or to provide continuous attention throughout the day and night.

Sleep in Hours - 20:00-10:00 (down time hours 2300-0700)

Wake in Hours - 22:00-08:00

Day time Hours - 09:00-19:00